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before leaving for the Summer holidays do not forget to apply for the FGB course that best suits your Training needs

Before leaving for the Summer holidays do not forget to apply for the FGB course that best suits your Training needs.

As many of you have had the chance to experience, the number of admitted participants is always limited to the end of facilitating a highly interactive and tailored learning experience; therefore I’d like to suggest you to fill in your registration form as early as possible, not to lose the possibility of joining your course.

Facility Planning, Logistics and Technological Solutions, Milan September 17-18, 2015

The course covers the key aspects to be considered during the planning and designing of modern rodent facilities. Details related to different architectural solutions in relation to various needs for new constructions or renovations are included. Different approaches to workflow organization, logistics, and procedures will be described. Work efficiency and personnel safety are presented in terms of state of the art technological solutions.

The Management of Genetically Modified Rodent Colonies, Milan 15-16 October, 2015

The course covers the management of GM rodents from the breeding, husbandry and care and methods to securing genetic material according to the latest views.

The generation of transgenics is not a prime subject of this course. Theoretical and practical views are presented. The programme includes a session where participants are given the opportunity to present one or more cases from their daily practice for discussion with the faculty and the other participants.

Managing Resources in the Modern Animal Facility, Milan November 16-18, 2015

The course is designed to provide a mix of technical and non-technical skills useful to effectively cope with increasingly complex and sometimes new issues such as ensuring quality care of the animals, compliance with regulations and guidelines, funding and administration, hiring staff and human resources management. Part of the training will be delivered by a human resources training group that will broaden the understanding and experiences of facility managers outside the specific field of laboratory animal science. The course aims at those wishing to move into management positions or to improve their managerial performance.

The course will give particular emphasis to interactive case discussions and practical sessions including two workshops.

Wishing you a relaxing Summer break.


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