The Fondazione Guido Bernardini (FGB) was established in 2009 in memory of Guido Bernardini.

Guido Bernardini was born in Massa, Tuscany, on 16 October 1916, while Europe was in the throes of the first World War (his father was an infantryman on the Carso front in the north-east of Italy). He spent his childhood in the ancestral home, one of small-scale farmers. 

Later, he attended high school in Sarzana, moving on to finish his schooling at the well-known “Scolopi” boarding school in Florence. He was attending the Faculty of Medicine at Padua university when the second World War broke out. 

After completing the military academy in Forlì, he was posted to the Balkan front, but after some time he contracted an acute pulmonary disease and was sent back home. At the Military Hospital in Bologna his life was saved by sulfonamides and he was discharged with a war pension. 

He took up his studies once again at the university of Pavia and graduated with a thesis on pulmonary emphysema, and later majored with a specialization in phthisiology and pulmonary diseases. He worked some years with Prof. U. Trevisan, then as an independent medical doctor with his own practice in Milan. 

He died of cancer in 1994. Relatives and patients remember him for his professionalism, his loving devotion and great humanity.

By means of FGB, the Bernardini family intends to transmit the passion, professionalism and consciousness that scientific excellence is achievable only through high quality education.