Scientific committee

The FGB Scientific Committee is composed of international experts with different backgrounds in the LAS field so to ensure the scientific excellence of educational and scientific programs.

  • President: Carù Francesco - DVM, PhD LAMS Diplomate, Italy
  • Past President: Perretta Gemma - DVM, Laboratory Animal Science Specialist, Italy
  • Brønstad Aurora - DVM, PhD, Norway
  • Frias Rafael - Head of Education, Comparative Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
  • Gobbi Alberto - DVM, Head of Laboratory Animal Facility, Italy
  • Gyger Marcel - PhD, Deputy of the Director of Animal Experimentation, Switzerland
  • Prins Jan-Bas - Director of the Biological Research Facility at The Francis Crick Inst. / Professor at LUMC / Honorary Professor at UCL
  • Scientific Advisor: Eklöf Ann-Christine - PhD, Associate Professor in Experimental Research, Sweden