2nd Edition of the most requested courses


After receiving many requested the Scientific Committe has scheduled the 2nd edition of the online courses “INTRODUCTION TO MICROBIOLOGICAL MONITORING IN RODENTS FACILITIES" and “WHAT SHOULD YOU KNOW ABOUT YOUR RODENT FACILITY?”  that have been scheduled for June 9 and October 12-13 respectively.

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What participants say about us and the “INTRODUCTION TO MICROBIOLOGICAL MONITORING IN RODENTS FACILITIES": I completed this course in March 2021 and would absolutely recommend it! The tutors were all extremely knowledgeable and very generous with their help and advice in responding to questions asked by the attendees. The number or participants was small but came from a wide variety of countries and backgrounds and were both vets and non-vets, so the questions asked of the tutors were well thought out and I’m sure would have been a help to the other participants. The range of topics covered was excellent and included screening of biologicals as well as animals, the impact of housing systems and new and different approaches to monitoring. This was the second FGB online course that I have done. The courses run to European workday times, so it was a very late night/early morning for me in my time zone, but definitely well worth it!

Jenny Smart - Animal Welfare Officer - University of Newcastle, Australia

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