Assessing and alleviating pain and distress in laboratory animals

Specific entry requirements: Students need to complete the “Function A” laboratory animal science course (“to carry out scientific procedures on animals”), or must have completed an equivalent course.
Purpose of the course: The course provides advanced training in the recognition, prevention and alleviation of pain and distress in laboratory species. The main purpose of the course is to enable participants to apply and assess the value of improvements to the methods used in projects that involve the use of live animals. Implementing such improvements is a key element in Refining animal research – a legal and ethical requirement of Swedish and European legislation.






Karolinska Institute, Stockholm - Sweden

Duration: 2 days
Registration fee:

Registration fee will be announced soon


Intended learning outcomes: After completion of this course, the students should be able to apply refinements effectively. They will also be able to evaluate protocols to determine what additional modifications could be made to improve animal welfare. They should also appreciate the ethical, scientific and practical issues involved in assessing and preventing pain and distress.

Language: English
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