Are you efficiently cleaning your rodent facility? State of the art and innovative approaches for cleansing and decontamination   THE WORKSHOP HAS BEEN POSTPONED. THE NEW DATE DATE WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN DUE TIME

The course provides cutting-edge knowledge on cleansing and decontamination procedures as they are implemented today in modern rodent facilities through in-depth discussion on all related aspects. 






Milan, Italy - Venue will be communicate to all participants

Duration: 2 days
Registration fee:

550 euro + 22% VAT

Registration includes:

- Participation in the scientific program
- Coffee breaks
- Meals during the meeting
- Welcome dinner
- Training supplementary material

In the application form the CV is mandatory, it will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee to ensure that the applicants have the same professional scope in order to share common background and to maximize the training experience. You will be informed when the application is approved.

The course will only run if we have reached the minimum number of participants within 4 weeks of the course commencement. FGB reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule courses and to change instructors. Please be advised that in the event of a course cancellation, FGB is not responsible for airfare penalties or other travel related expenses you may incur.

The course confirmation will be accompanied by the Order Acknowledgement with payment details.

The invoice will be issued within 10 days after the course confirmation and cannot be changed, so please make sure you have provided us with the correct information (to be checked on the Order Acknowledgement). Only digital version of invoices will be sent to participants.

Payment of the fee is due before course commencement. Bank fee on your side

Cancellation policy: All cancellations must be made by writing (email or fax) to the secretary.

Payment of the balance of the course is due, in full, for cancellation received after invoice raising.

Registrants who fail to attend without advance notice are liable for the entire course fee.

CPD Credits:

The course awarded: 10 CPD points by Institute of Animal Technology (IAT)

1.5 days of training / continuing education for experimenters, study directors and heads of animal facilities by Swiss Veterinarian Associations


36 CPD credits by Royal Society of Biology


The course provides cutting-edge knowledge on cleansing and decontamination procedures as they are implemented today in modern rodent facilities through in-depth discussion on all related aspects. The discussion will be focused not only on the current state of the art solutions but also on the innovative approaches available for all the functional areas of a facility. The expert instructors will discuss in an informal environment, also the challenges and possible solutions for cleansing, decontaminating and/or sterilizing caging and watering systems.
A workshop will present a hypothetical scenario providing the participants with the opportunity to develop their own hygiene program with the support of the trainers. 


The course participants should be able to:

  • Describe and identify different types of dirt in association to different functional areas and their needs
  • Describe the concepts of cleaning, decontamination and the main differences between disinfection, pasteurization, sanitization and sterilization
  • Describe the difference between detergent and disinfectant
  • Describe what detergents are and what they can do
  • Describe what disinfectants are and what they can do
  • Describe and compare traditional and modern decontamination methods
  • Identify the main challenges of the different areas (like washing area, animal holding rooms, procedure rooms, entrance) and compare possible solutions
  • Compare the possible approaches in cleansing and decontamination/sterilization of caging systems, watering systems (bottles and auto watering)
  • Organize and setting up an hygiene program for an animal holding room
Language: English
Materials: Click here to download the syllabus

We can help you to organize accommodation close to the venue, please feel free to contact us.

The venue is about 1 hour (64 km) from Milan-Malpensa airport, the expected taxi fare is about 100 Euros and about 20 minutes (13 km) from Milan-Linate airport,the expected taxi fare is about 25 Euros.