Message from the former President


Message from the former President

Dear friends, colleagues, it is now time for a few lines of farewell. 
Since 1 January 2020 I am no longer President of FGB Scientific Committee; I decided to resign from this position because I started a new life project, a trip around the world on a sailing boat. 
Since FGB establishment, I have been truly honoured and proud to lead the Scientific Committee and to contribute to the growth and recognition of FGB in the field of LAS education and training. It has been an exciting and rewarding adventure that gave me the opportunity to work closely with renowned experts in this sector and to establish fruitful relationships with new colleagues and important institutions. Above all, I am particularly proud and happy to have contributed, in my own little way, to the growth of many professionals in our field. 
Thanks to the Boards of Directors of the Fondazione for the support and trust I have never lacked. I will continue to serve the Fondazione as member of the SC for the next two years with the same enthusiasm and commitment that I have always dedicated to it.

My very best wishes to Francesco Caru who will replace me in this sometimes difficult, but always stimulating and enriching task.

Gemma Perretta


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