4/12/2012 - Asian Technician Training Award 2013.

The FGB has renewed for 2013 the Award that is designed to provide scientific training to an Asian technician involved in the care of animals used in biomedical research. The award will be assigned to a person with at least two years of experience in laboratory animal care.

The award consists in complimentary registration to attend one of the FGB 2013 training courses, run in a prestigious research facility in Milan, Italy; travel and accommodation will also be provided.


The FGB Award is open to any technician from the Asian region, in academia or industry, with good knowledge of English, who has demonstrated significant interest and capability in the field of laboratory animal science.

Application process

Applications should be accompanied by:

  • a short statement from the responsible person of the laboratory animal facility explaining why the technician should be awarded;
  • CV of the candidate;
  • an essay of up to 500 words describing his/her activities related to laboratory animals;
  • a short statement as how the training course will improve his/her skills and career goals;
  • full contact details for the candidate.

Selection Committee

The FGB Scientific Committee assesses the applications and selects the winner.


Nominations must be sent by January 16 2013 by e-mail to:

Fondazione senza scopo di lucro - Reg. Persone Giuridiche Prefettura di Milano n. 1086 - C.F. 97524690159 - P. IVA 06797270961 Via Manfredo Camperio, 10 - 20123 MILANO